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I respect everyone that comes in my place so please also respect me and do not make demands or use bad language.
Foot size: 6
some one to calm me

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Smoke / Drink: yes/yes
Hey, I'm Alana. I like black humour, so if you don't have a good sense of humour, I don't think you're comfortable in this chatroom. I like to know a lot about banging and I really appreciate it when my users teach me new things. I never thought that someday I would work as a webcam model, but I like it. My favourite hobby at the moment is watching movies and listening to music, you would make me happy if you recommended movies and music. And I don't fall in adore with a cock, I fall in love with how good you are with your conversation topics, talking is one of my favourite things in the world.
I enjoy private better because there are no distractions, and I can focus more on one individual's needs and desires, but that doesn't mean we can not also have pleasure in public chat. Message me, do not be afraid to chat, I love a good conversation.

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26. 5 tokens - wear another outfit)
spank my bum!
Enjoy me here
An, incurable, flirt...I love the art of the seduction. If you are looking for wham, bamm and thank you ma'am, you might want to look elsewhere...I am not your lady. like being enticed and tempted? I am, just, the inveigler you need.
I am new to this and still learning, I only started in Aug 2019.
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I like men that behaves like a gentleman, that is smart, generous and that has a good sense of humour.

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